Version history

Version 1.1

- New thumbnails for the tools on the left panel.
- Added shadow on the palette items.

Version 1.0

- Missing scrollbar in the Shape sheme has been added.
- The drop down boxes have been removed and replaced with a visual palette of shapes instead to easy the overview.
- Different graphics on selected tool.
- A bug has been fixed when copying an area from one map and pasting it on another.
- Added thumbnails to the shapes in the "Edit shapes"-section.

Beta 0.3.1

- Shortcut key added for saving (Ctrl + s).
- Predefined colors added to the "edit shape" window.
- Bug fixed: When zooming, shapes containing pictures were not repainted.
- Bug fixed: When using the "color picker" tool the shape combo boxes in the main window did not change to the picked color.

Beta 0.3

- Webstart added. You will now be able to launch Array Painter directly from this site. This disables the ability for the program to "remember" which directories you were using last time, but it still remembers the path while the program is running.
- Undo-function added. NOTE: Flipping, rotating and resizing are not undoable.
- Shortcut keys added for copy(Ctrl + c), paste(Ctrl + v), undo(Ctrl + z) and redo(Ctrl + a, Ctrl + y).
- Simplified Shape Scheme user interface.
- Bug fixed: A bug which made the program freeze when painting big areas.
- Total restructuring of entire source code.

Beta 0.2c

- Persistance added which makes Array Painter remember where you loaded / saved a map last time.
- The program does now save in .map format. It will still be possible to load old maps with other extensions.

Beta 0.2b

- Switching x and y added to the generator.

Beta 0.2

- Flip, rotate, copy and paste has been implemented. This includes the new marker tool.
- A little generation boost has been made too.

Beta 0.1c

- Huge generation boost: Generating time decreased to 1/5.

Beta 0.1b

- Bug fixed: In Beta 0.1a creation of maps bigger than 100x100 caused the program to freeze.

Beta 0.1a

First release

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